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Go Green

NNEC Offers Renewable Energy Credits 

For members interested in seeing the development and expansion of renewable energy sources, NNEC offers a 100% Renewable Energy Attributes Electric Service Rider (Schedule RE-1). This Rider is available on a voluntary basis as a “companion rate” to any residential member for the entire month’s electricity usage.  After a member signs up for the 100% Renewable Energy Attributes Electric Service Rider, an additional charge of $0.015 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is added to the monthly bill. This is a sell-at-cost charge with no profit or added fee for NNEC. 

For every 1,000 kWh sold, NNEC will purchase a Renewable Energy Certificate from Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC). Renewable Energy Certificates are produced every time a renewable source (windmill, solar array, hydro, etc.) generates 1,000 kWh. At this time all Renewable Energy Credits offered by ODEC will be sourced from one or more of the following:

  • the Armenia Mountain Wind Farm in north-central Pennsylvania (Tioga and Bradford counties);
  • the Stony Creek Wind Farm in south-western Pennsylvania (Somerset county); and
  • the Criterion Wind farm in Western Maryland (under construction in Garrett county). 

Review the 100% Renewable Energy Attributes Electric Service Rider (Rate Schedule RE-1).


Community Solar

NNEC is offering its residential members the opportunity to subscribe to more solar energy through the Cooperative Sunshare community-solar program.  This is a great way to use solar generated power at your residence without having to install or maintain solar panels on your property.

With Cooperative Sunshare, a dedicated block of 50 kWh solar generated power can be purchased per month for $5.46 (October through May), and $5.95 (June through September).  These rates are fixed through July 2021 and will appear under the line-item “community solar” on participating members’ bills.  Members may subscribe to additional solar blocks (subject to availability) and can cancel their community-solar subscription at any time without penalty by giving NNEC at least 30-days notice.  The solar power being offered through the Cooperative Sunshare program is produced at two Virginia solar facilities - the 20 megawatt Cherrydale solar farm in Northampton County, and the 10 megawatt Clarke County solar farm in White Post.  The electricity is provided to co-op members through a power purchase agreement with Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, of which NNEC is a member.  To view the Community Solar tariff, click here.


To find out more information or to sign up for either of these Go Green options, call NNEC at 800-243-2860 or 804-333-3621.

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