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Strategic Plan

A print version of our Strategic Plan is available here.


1. Safety and Security

At NNEC, our top priority is ensuring that we operate in such a way that our employees, members, and the people within our communities stay safe. We recognize the hazards that are inherent in the electric utility industry, and our team works tirelessly to achieve the highest possible levels of safety.

Goals: Promote safety, enhance physical security

2. Culture and Employees

High levels of employee satisfaction and competence are critical to the achievement of our mission as a cooperative. As a result, we will focus on creating and maintaining a positive culture where employees thrive and have the skills necessary to perform their work with excellence. We will also ensure that we have a pipeline of talent ready to perform key roles.

Goals: Improve employee satisfaction, train and develop employees, ensure a robust talent pipeline

3. Operational Excellence

Our members expect and deserve an electric cooperative focused on operational excellence. Such operations are characterized by effective and efficient processes, the adoption of new technologies, continuous improvement, and so on. We are committed to further developing the expertise necessary and devoting the resources required to ensure continued high levels of operational excellence at NNEC.

Goals: Improve system reliability, develop engineering and construction standards, improve processes and procedures organization-wide

4. Member and Community Engagement

We exist to satisfy the evolving needs, wants, and expectations of our members and the communities we serve. As a team, we work together to deliver an outstanding member experience and create new services that meet their needs. We strive to have high levels of member engagement and satisfaction, as well as to have an excellent reputation in the communities where we operate.

Goals: Improve member satisfaction, be a leader in the greater community

5. Financial Stewardship

The assets of this cooperative belong to the members, and we will be good stewards of those assets. NNEC is committed to managing the assets in a way that invests in reliability and operational excellence and increases the longevity and sustainability of the organization.

Goals: Maintain competitiveness and manage risk, improve financial performance, ensure funding for capital investments, improve procurement

6. Innovation and Technology

NNEC is committed to investing strategically in innovation and technology that improve reliability, reduce costs, and meet our members’ evolving needs, as well as to becoming leaders in beneficial electrification for the good of our members.

Goals: Modernize systems throughout the organization, develop a strategic electrification plan, improve member experience, enhance resiliency and cybersecurity

7. Governance Excellence

We realize that excellence in governance is foundational to serving our members’ needs. We strive to ensure that our board is following governance best practices and receives the training and development necessary to govern the cooperative effectively.

Goals: Follow industry-wide best practices to maintain excellence

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