Safety is a primary concern at Northern Neck Electric Cooperative. NNEC’s concern for the safety of our linemen, employees, members, children and the public is reinforced through educational programs and safety demonstrations. These programs and demonstrations are presented throughout NNEC’s service area for schools and audiences to understand the potential dangers of electricity.

Fourth grade students participate in the educational program “Don’t Complete the Circuit” as they learn the Virginia Standards of Learning for Science under SCI.4.1 and SCI.4.3. Hands-on activities have the students learning what a basic circuit is, how the circuit operates, when a circuit is open or closed, whether a circuit is parallel or series, what are conductors and insulators, and how electricity can be transformed into heat energy.

“Don’t Complete the Circuit” includes the dangers of electricity from the power lines to underground lines and home use. Students develop their critical thinking skills as they become acquainted with electricity while realizing the consequences of not following proper safety precautions. This educational program is offered by NNEC to any school or civic group upon request.

Contact our Public Relations Department for more information or to schedule a program for your school or community organization.

safety demonstration