With the increase of home offices, electronic equipment and reliance on electricity, many homeowners have purchased a portable generator for use in their home during power outages. However, they may lack a safe and economical way to connect their generator.

Link to GenerLink

For members using a generator or wanting to purchase a generator, NNEC offers GenerLink™, a meter collar device installed on your electric meter that allows you to easily connect a generator to your home during outages. With GenerLink™ you simply plug in the generator and use your household main circuit panel to select the circuits and appliances you want to operate based on the generator capacity.


GenerLink™ provides a safe means for connecting a portable generator to your home, and it automatically disconnects your home from First Electric’s power grid when the generator is connected and producing power. It prevents risky do-it-yourself solutions that can be hazardous for you, your family and NNEC crews working to restore power.


GenerLink™ is simple to use and easily installed. A NNEC employee can connect it in less than 30 minutes. Once connected, you just plug your generator into GenerLink™.

Please note: GenerLink™ is only compatible with a 200 amp service.


GenerLink™ offers you total flexibility and control. You simply select the circuit or appliances you want to run using your home’s circuit panel. Unlike other generator connections, you can change your appliance selections at any time using GenerLink™.


Nothing else can match the benefits or price of GenerLink™. With optional payment plans or financing available, GenerLink™ is more competitively priced than any other alternative available today.

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