No Surprises

NNEC’s levelized billing program prevents drastic changes in your monthly utility statements, even during the coldest and hottest months of the year. Levelized billing utilizes a rolling average of the previous eleven monthly bills, plus a calculation of the current month’s bill to ensure your bills evenly and predictably cover the cost of your actual usage. Say goodbye to big swings in your household budget!

No Reconciliations

Because the levelized billing amount is recalculated every month based on our rolling average formula, the need to settle balances annually is eliminated. Reconciliation payments will only be necessary if service at the location is discontinued or participation in the program is terminated. You can rest easy knowing you’re covered for the long haul.

Join Anytime

If NNEC has been providing service to your location for at least one year and your account is current with good payment history, you may be eligible to participate in levelized billing.*

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*Member eligibility must be approved at NNEC's sole discretion and is subject to NNEC's Terms and Conditions and other policies. Program subject to change and may be discontinued at NNEC’s option.